Frequently asked questions

Q: When are the SUP Yoga classes? 
A: Check out our sign up page for up-to-date information about the next classes. 


Q: I have never done yoga before, can I still participate in a SUP yoga class?
A: Whether you're completely new to yoga or have a more advanced practice, SUP yoga is for all levels and everyone can join. 


Q: Do I need to be able to swim?
A: Confidence in the water is required.


Q: What is included in the class?
A: Includes board rental, introduction, yoga class and a bottle of water.


Q: Where do we meet for the SUP yoga class?
A: We gather and meet on the beach (East- or West side) for an introduction to our floating studio and from there on we make our way to the boards that are anchored in the water. All classes start on time, so let’s meet on the beach at least 15 minutes before class to sign everyone in. 


Q: How long is the class?
A: All SUP yoga classes are 60 minutes.


Q: What do I wear to a SUP yoga class?
A: Put on comfortable swimwear, sunscreen and anything else that makes you even more comfortable on the water. A rash guard is suitable and highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin and require more coverage. We’ll be a full hour in the sun, so make sure you protect yourself the best way you can. 


Q: Is there a local rate?
A: Dushi SUP is a local start-up company, wanting to give back to the island. What better way then offering a local rate. To apply for our local rate, please send us a copy of your ID (sedula) to . We will send you an email back with a discount code that you will be able to use at checkout.


Q: What is BOGA Yoga?
A: BOGA Yoga SUP boards are the only boards designed and shaped with the leaders in the SUP yoga industry. Designed for the ultimate balance and stability for yoga on water. The official SUP yoga board of the Wanderlust yoga Festival and SUP yoga leaders such as Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl.