About us 


Liberty Suares

Liberty is an island girl from Curaçao, a lover of life, and a real beach babe. As an island girl, born and raised near the ocean, she’s always inspired by the beauty of nature and loves to travel. Liberty is a 23 year old with a BSc degree in Architecture and certified Yoga Teacher. After 5 years of adventure and city life in Holland, she decided to follow her heart and move back to her island.

Liberty loves to take her practice outdoors, whether it’s a beachy-practice, a sunset class or SUP yoga with Dushi SUP, this beautiful island has so much to offer.

INSTA: @libertysuares
FB: liberty.suares
W: www.liberty-yoga.com

Donovan Lieuw-A-Len

Donovan has been by Liberty's side for almost 10 years. They started as high school sweethearts and are now proud business partners of Dushi SUP. Donovan is Liberty's righthand. He's an all-around assistant with many talents.

Donny is a people person and likes to be of service. He is the man behind the setup of the floating studio and can often be found behind the camera lens. If you can't find him at the beach, you can probably find him in the kitchen or behind the espresso machine. 

INSTA: @theislandbarista
FB: donovan.lieuwalen
W: www.numbertencuracao.com